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Eve Taylor Masques

Why should I use a Face Masque?

Using the right mask for the appropriate skin type will help moisturize the skin, fight excessive oiliness, reduce the visibility of pores and much more. Face masks penetrate deeper into the skin layers than other solutions, thus giving a detox that your skin really appreciates.

More benefits:

  • Unclogging pores - Using face masks regularly cleans your pores and keeps the skin clean, reducing the chances of getting acne.

  • Providing relaxation, enjoy a lovely hot bath with a face mask. Clean skin, clean mind!

  • Any serums, toners, or creams that we apply after using face masks are better absorbed making them work faster and more effectively.

  • Face masks allow you to address specific conditions related to your skin type, whether it is dryness, oiliness, dehydration, wrinkles or anything else. There is always a face mask that can be personalized just for you and your needs.

For prices and availability please call/text on 07931279920 

soothing masque.jpg

Soothing Masque

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions, especially dehydrated, sensitive or irritated.
Benefits: A cooling gel based masque to help reduce redness, irritation and sensitivity. 
Ideal mask post exfoliation, post extraction or post micro-dermabrasion.
Antioxidant Green Tea helps combat harmful free radicals helping maintain skin integrity. Soothing formula to hydrate and soften the skin with a skin quenching solution for dehydration.
Key ingredients: Green Tea to soothe, heal and calm, Glycerine attracts moisture to promote hydration of the skin. Aloe Vera softens and soothes any sensitivity.

balancing masque.jpg

Balancing Masque

Skin type/condition: Normal or combination skins.

Benefits: To restore hydration and nourishment to drier areas of a combination skin.
Natural clay lifts excess oil and impurities without over drying the skin surface.
A variety of botanicals provide skin conditioning benefits for a soft and supple skin.

Key ingredients: Lavender and Chamomile help soothe, calm and balance the skin.
Smectite clay lifts impurities from oilier areas. Sodium PCA provides hydration to water dry areas of the skin.

purifying masque.jpg

Purifying Masque

Skin type/condition: All skin conditions, especially acne, oily and breakout prone.
Benefits: This non-setting masque removes easily from the skin, ideal for reducing potential friction on pustular breakouts. Packed with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals released by the skin when fighting bacteria. A balance of moisture giving ingredients to hydrate, calm and leave the skin with a radiant glow.
Key ingredients: Henna provides an anti-septic quality to this masque to purify and help reduce breakouts. Evening Primrose Oil offers anti-inflammatory benefits reducing redness of inflamed breakouts. Mineral rich Smectite Clay conditions and lifts impurities.

Purifying Spot Gel

Skin type/condition: Breakouts and blemishes.
Benefits: Packed with 3 potent anti-bacterial essential oils working in synergy to naturally reduce skin breakouts. Allantoin derived from the Comfrey plant, soothes and reduces inflammation associated with skin eruptions. A fast acting solution to reduce spots using natural plant extracts.
Key Ingredients: Tea Tree provides powerful anti-septic properties targeting
pustular breakouts to reduce bacterial growth. Lavender offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin repairing benefits. 
Lemongrass brightens the skin while having anti-septic and astringent effects.

anti-oxidant masque.jpg

Anti-oxidant Masque with Phyto Collagen

Skin type/condition:  
Ageing and prematurely ageing skin.
Skin experiencing high levels of pollution or free radicals.
Key ingredients: Green Tea, White Tea and Rooibos fight free radicals which lead to skin ageing. Acai Berry, Vitamin C and Vitamin E enhance skin vibrancy and luminosity. Rosehip, Avocado and Jojoba nourish the skin tissues with essential fatty acids to revitalise dull complexions. Aloe Vera intensively hydrates and soothes. Phyto-collagen Yeast stimulates new tissue production for a more supple skin texture.
Benefits: This lighteight textured creamy masque is perfect for all those concerned with skin ageing, pollution or free radicals. Stimulating cocktail of ingredients replenishes the skin, helping to retain and restore natural radiance and smoothness.

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