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Online Tutorials 

Gals, let's pick up those makeup brushes &

improve those makeup skills together. I've got you ♡

Let's get practicing!! We can have you doing your own makeup, feeling glam & confident like never before. I will be accessible for any advice or troubles that you may have. We will have you prepared for those must have events when your makeup artist is fully booked - Babe you got this!

How does it work?

You will be able to watch the video for 5days for £2.50. You can watch the video as many times as you like through this time. Depending on which way you learn; you might want to watch while taking notes, take in the information/techniques/product recommendations and then try the makeup look on your own beautiful facey. You can re-watch while doing it on yourself and pause/rewind if needed. Or you can just start watching and join in doing your makeup as I go. Whichever way work for you!


 I will be contactable for any quires/questions/assistance etc, but please be patient with replies as I have a gorgeous little boy to attend to throughout the day. 








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