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Covid-19 & My Makeup Journey! ♡

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Makeup has been my saviour throughout lockdown, something to focus on & put all my energy into. I also thought it was the best time to rebrand my business and take it to the next level by making my own website. Started off as a little idea and has grown into this. I’m pretty excited this is the start of a new beginning!

My make-up journey started back in January 2018 when I went to have a makeup lesson with Casey Clark Makeup Artist in Aberdeen, she really is amazing! So nice and friendly, she really made me feel at ease. Her cat, OMG the cutest!

I took Charlie, my bestie along with me to practice on. On our way I was saying "no I don’t wanna get into the makeup industry, it’s scary and not for me” . At the time I just wanted to improve my skills on myself. Makeup had grown so much by this point and I felt as though my skills just wasn’t cutting it anymore! By the time I came out or maybe a few days later, I had already started to change my mind. I’d had so much fun and really enjoyed it. Total change of heart!

It’s not been an easy ride, almost felt like starting my career from scratch (which it was, but with makeup). I would get my girls in to practice for free and I kept going. I do so many other treatments that, looking back, I probably wasn’t giving it enough attention. I was trying though.

I was starting to get somewhere before lockdown, I had been much more popular with makeup, which was amazing and I was over the moon about it. I was delighted to see lots of gals returning for their makeup, so was obviously doing something right or they wouldn’t!

But the real breakthrough never happened until I was put on lockdown and started to practice more and more on myself. Previously I would have much rather done someone else’s makeup over my own as I find it much much easier. Now I can play around with colour shades and if it doesn’t work who cares, rub it off, but what if I make that eye look and everyone loves it?!

Also through lockdown I took part in a Zoe Trigwell Live Stream. To keep improving at something, keep practising & keep learning - you will pick up new tips & tricks along the way! Zoe is fabulous! If you want to improve your makeup skills i would recommend giving her website a visit.

You gals wanting to enter the makeup industry, keep practicing, keep trying, and the motivation to keep going is key. It can be a slow process but with this attitude you will just keep getting better. Sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement & to not feel like your the only one...We are all in this boat together starting off at the same place!

Progress photos are the best, here’s one of mines Sept 2018 - June 2020

Much love, xo

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