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Eve Taylor Toners

Why should I use a Toner?

Toner can help you achieve that perfectly poreless look. One of the benefits of using toner is it removes whatever your facial cleanser left behind. It gets rid of any remaining makeup residue or oils that sit in your pores, giving you a clean complexion. Refresh. Toner is your skin’s wake up call.

More benefits:

  • Cleanses Your Pores.

  • Balances Epidermal pH Level.

  • Hydrates Your Skin.

  • Increased Absorption of Skincare Ingredients.

For prices and availability please call/text on 07931279920 

ultra soothing toner .jpg

Ultra Soothing Toner 

Skin type/condition: Hypersensitive, reactive, easily irritated or rosacea type skin.

Key ingredients: Horse Chestnut extract trengthens capillary walls. Elderberry extract provides potent anti-oxidant properties. Glycerin binds moisture to intensley hydrate.


•A fine mist of botanical extracts reduce redness and irritation.
•Ultra soothing formula hydrates and prepares the skin for moisturising.
•May be used to refresh the skin throughout the day, even over make-up.

soothing toner .jpg

Soothing Toner 

Skin type/condition: Dry or sensitive.

Benefits: Fine mist of water based essential oils freshen and soothe the skin.
Hydrating and soothing formula prepares the skin for moisturising. May use to refresh the skin throughout the day, even over make-up

Key ingredients: Aloe Vera, Lavender and Chamomile, Witch Hazel.

balancing toner.jpg

Balancing Toner 

Skin type/condition: Normal, combination or mature skin. 

Benefits: Wonderful pleasing aroma calms the senses. Hydrating and mildly astringent to freshen the skin.
May use to refresh the skin throughout the day, even over make-up.

Key ingredients: Rose Otto, Neroli, Aloe Vera.

purifying toner .jpg

Purifying Toner 

Skin type/condition: Oily, acne or breakout prone skin.

Benefits: Soothes and freshens the skin. Natural Witch Hazel has a mild astringent action toning the skin. Leaves an anti-bacterial film on the skin.

Key ingredients: Multi-purpose Lavender is ideal for calming inflamed breakouts, anti-septic properties for fighting bacteria that can lead to breakouts and has anti-oxidant benefits to combat free radicals that can compromise skin texture.

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